Written by Joe Tetreault | 28 January 2011

GOOD NEWS FOR LIQUOR PACKAGE STORES IN THE REST OF NEW ENGLAND So says Reason: "So despite the niggling fact that Massachusetts voters repealed an alcohol tax last election, Democratic State Rep. Kay Kahn decided recently that this was an unwise decision, that there is a “disconnect” (her word) between what voters pull the lever for and what they really want. So Kahn has taken it upon herself to correct the confused instincts of her constituents, offering a bill to reinstate the alcohol tax."

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Written by Joe Tetreault | 26 January 2011

ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY The prohibition of in-flight calls has more to do with rent seeking than with safety. So saith The Czar.

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Written by Joe Tetreault | 07 January 2011

WHY VERIZON EATS AT&T'S LUNCH The idea of full roll-out that serves even remote areas is the difference between doing enough to cover most customers and covering as many customers as possible.

H/T - Instapundit

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Written by Joe Tetreault | 06 January 2011

THE GREATEST FOE OF CAPITALISM IS oddly enough capitlaists. Cronyism plays a big part. no comments

Written by Joe Tetreault | 05 January 2011

DEATH OF A RETAIL DISCOUNT BOOK SELLING GIANT? "Joseph Schumpeter coined the phrase "creative destruction" to describe the process of churn whereby old companies, technologies, and industries die, to be replaced by new ones.  This process has brought us today's prosperity, and is a massive force for good in human history. But it is not without its sadness.  You don't have to want to stop the process, to mourn for the real losses it entails." There is a place for old technologies, but they become the realm of hobbyists.  Retarding progress for sentimentality is inefficient.

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