Written by Joe Tetreault | 27 November 2009

Leaked emails out of the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia have prompted a wave of criticism of the scientists who most vociferously have staked the claims that the planet is warming, that humans are responsible for that warming and that drastic, immediate action must be taken, like, you know, now, if the planet is to be saved.  I've always been of the mindset that we lack the perspective to understand what this warming actually represented.

Was it as the supporters of anthropogenic global warming asserted the result of carbon emissions, or was it merely the cycle of heating and cooling common to our earth?  How could we know?  What reservoir of knowledge could we tap to successfully understand the variables involved and program them into models that produced graphs and charts and models that accurately foretold a world without ice caps and without Manhattan. no comments


Written by Joe Tetreault | 27 November 2009

This story, to borrow the favorite phrase of the siren-posting, plain text-scribbling, blogger antecedent Matt Drudge, is developing.

TheIndyChannel.com reports that Lakers forward Ron Artest is caught up in a welfare fraud investigation. According to the report, police raided the home of Latoya Holmes-Ivey, who claims no income and receives rent assistance from the government. However, Holmes-Ivey is Artest's sister, and authorities suspect she may have received financial assistance from her brother.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the executive director of the Indianapolis Housing Agency says Artest has not been accused of wrongdoing:

That excerpt is from the Huffington Post who linked to the original stories out of Indianapolis.  Artest himself has commented via Twitter.  Don Landrigan at With Malice will be following the story, as will Tetreaultvision.

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Written by Joe Tetreault | 26 November 2009

The New York Times gets the gold star for their inforgraphics of Thanksgiving recipe searches.


Seriously good stuff.  As a mac and cheese afficiando (give me comfort food, or give me death!), the paucity of searches for it in the northeast brings much sorrow.  Enjoy checking it out.

HT-Serious Eats

UPDATE: Edited the picture for size.

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Written by Joe Tetreault | 26 November 2009

Today celebrants across the Republic will consume delicious victuals and fall asleep on the sofa between the main course and dessert.  They'll vaguely recall the throttling the Lions are certain to receive.  Happy Thanksgiving Motown.  Equally foggy will be their impressions of the colossal monument to Jerry Jones that Jerry Jones built to house his Cowboys.  Yeeee-Hawwwww and Happy Thanksgiving Dallas.

And Happy Thanksgiving Tetreaultvision, born unto us - a grateful, if momentarily oblivious, world this November.  Since you no doubt have questions, fire away.

So what is this place?

Glad you asked, I'm a lapsed journalist, whose eagerness to express opinions has never flagged though his faith in his original profession surely did.  This place is home to my opinions and comments.

How on earth are you qualified to dispense opinions?

I have a pulse.

You know what I mean.

So you want a resume recitation.  Very well.  I spent four and a half years in the self-proclaimed southern part of Heaven, better known to those without a modicum (North) Carolina Pride as UNC-Chapel Hill.  The last decade has seen me working in sales and marketing for a tech company in Connecticut, fleeing the vocation for which I trained.

That, plus a buck gets you a coffee and McDonald's off the dollar menu.

True.  No one is making you read, though I hope you do.  The quality of my writing and calibre of my opinions will determine if you come back for more.

So what kinds of opinions will this place have?

Unusual ones.  I believe in the remarkable sagacity of bucking conventional wisdom.  Sacred cows make the best burgers.  I tend libertarian, so my ideal of personal freedom from the mothering instincts of the "bigs"

The "bigs"?

Yes, big business, big labor, big religion, big media, big government and their ilk.  They all have designs on what's best for us, as if their unfamiliarity with our uniqueness renders them worthy of charting that course for us.  Big business insists we'd be better if we bought more of what they sold, you see that in advertising and marketing.

Wait, you said you work in marketing.

Subversive isn't it?




Anyway, my ideal of personal freedom from the mothering instincts of the bigs is what will animate much of what you find here.  Derek over at Foxboro Blog was kind enough to publish one of my essays.  The central idea was that the conventional wisdom of the pundits was not just wrong, but was arrived at for the wrong reasons.  Punting of fourth and two was the right call to avoid criticism.  Going for it is the right call to give your team the best shot at victory.  Without getting too tedious, those kinds of choices are wrongly decided because the decision maker would rather avoid criticism.

Please tell me that's not all you plan to right about.

No, I'll be looking into sports, in particular baseball, business, technology, pop culture, and cuisine in addition to news and politics.  I'll be upfront, I'm an expert in my own opinions, which I think are informed.  But when I'm in over my head, I will stay silent until I get back up. And then you can judge my sources and my arguments for yourself as always.

So who do you like today?

Pack over the Lions, Cowpokes of the Raiders, Broncos over the G-men and the Longhorns over the Aggies.  Oh and the Townies over the Rams

Who are the Townies?

My alma mater, one of the participants in the longest running holiday rivalry in Rhode Island, of which John Gillooly of the ProJo writes "East Providence-La Salle on Thanksgiving is a football game, a sociological study and a history lesson, all of which may be more important than ever for today's high school students.  The final score Thursday morning will determine where both the Townies and Rams finish in the post-season playoff picture, but East Providence-La Salle is about more than touchdowns and tackles."

So that's it.  Welcome.  Hope to see you back soon.

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