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The new season of the Bundesliga has started and the main event of the season is the confrontation between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The team of Jurgen Klopp has a great chance to win the title.

The team of Bayern has been in the Bundesliga for a long time. The previous season, it was the first to win it. The main competitor of Dortmund is Borussia Mönchengladbach. The club has not won the German championship for a couple of years, but it is still a contender for the title of the strongest team.
The Bundesliga is a competition of the best clubs in Europe. The teams are divided into groups. The best teams of the previous season play against the worst teams. The winner of each group will play against its rival in the next round.
Borussia Dortmund has a good chance of winning the title, but the main goal of the club is to finish in the Champions League zone. The fans of the team expect the following results in the new season:
1. High level of the game.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Good results in matches with the main competitors.
4. Good performance in the domestic arena.
5. Good result in the international arena.

In the Bundesliga, the teams are constantly changing, so it is very important to follow the development of events. The Bundesliga is the most popular championship in Europe, so the fans have a lot of interesting events.
You can always follow the latest news on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the results of the matches of the championship of the German states and the Bundesliga.
Live football results of all matches of Bundesliga
The season of Bundesliga has already begun. The first matches of this championship have already shown that the main rival of Borussia is Bayern Munich, which has a chance to become the champion.
In recent years, Bayern Munich has been the main contender for winning the champion title. The last time the club won it was in 2002.
This year, the team of Thomas Tuchel has a new coach, who is trying to get the team to the Champions league. The coach of the Munich team is Niko Kovac. The Czech coach has a lot to do with the success of the Borussia.
Kovac is a good choice for the team, because he has a long experience in the national team. He was the head coach of Czech Republic for 11 years. He led the team at the international level.
After the resignation of Kovac, the club has changed its head coach. The new coach is Zlatko Dalic. Dalic has a successful experience in national teams. He has led the national teams of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.
Dalic is a new face of the squad of Bayern Munich and the team is very confident. The players are ready to give their all in every match.
How the team will perform in the first matches
The first matches are very important for the club. The Munich team has a very good chance to finish the season in the top 4. The success of Bayern in the championship is a result of the teamwork of the players.
At the beginning of the new championship, the players of the Bavarians were very confident and showed good results. The problem was the lack of motivation. The motivation is needed to perform at the highest level. The results of Bayern are a result not only of the performance of the main stars, but also of the work of the leaders.
Many of the results are a direct result of mistakes of the opponents. The match against Borussia was the most dramatic of the tournament. The game was very tense and the outcome of the match was decided by a single mistake of the opponent.
During the game, the Munich players were very tired. They were not able to perform their best. The result was a draw. The following players were injured:
* Zlatan
* Toni Kroos
* Mats Hummels
* Leroy Sane
* Robert Lewandowski.
It is obvious that the team needs time to recover. The next matches will be very important. The Bavarians will try to win all the matches.
Who will win the Bundesliga?
The main competitor for the victory of Dortmund in the tournament is Boruso Mönch. The Mönchen team is not a good team and it is not able win the championship. The competition for the champion trophy is very intense.
However, the main problem of the Mönchers is the lack motivation. They have not won a trophy in a long period of time. This is why they are not able finish in top 4 of the standings.
There is a chance that the Munich club will finish in first position, but there is a high probability that the club will not finish in a higher position.
If the team wins the championship, it will be the third time in a row that the Mönchen team has won the champion’s trophy.
Detailed results of Bundesliga matches
In order to understand the results more clearly, you should follow the detailed results of matches of football championships. The German championship is the best in the world. The tournament is held every year and it attracts millions of fans.
Due to the development in technology, it is possible to follow all the results on the Internet.

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