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Chelsea vs Arsenal – the first match of the season. Manchester United transfers Chelsea transfer news transfers today Arsenal new kit 2015-16 with numbers Bayern Munich – Messi vs Robben! Barca transfers were the worst signings in recent years? Liverpool news transfers today Chelsea to bid for Bayern’s Thiago? Manchester United new kit 2015-16 with numbers Chelsea new kit 2015-16 with numbers [photo]

Manchester United new kit 2015-16 with numbers

Manchester United are the main candidate for the title of the best team in the world. The team has a good lineup, which is able to perform at the highest level. The players of the club are able to create a dynamic and attacking game, which can be very effective against the opponent.
The new Manchester United kit is the result of the new season, which will be very interesting for fans. The club has several new items, which are not only attractive, but also very useful for the fans.
1. The red of the team. The new Manchester team kit is a bright and striking color. The main feature of this new color is the fact that it is very bright and vivid. The player can see the red of this color very clearly.
2. The yellow of the players. The number of yellow stripes is increased. This is a very effective and striking design. The stripes are very bright, and the player can clearly see the number of stripes.
3. The green of the player. The color of the Manchester United new kits is also very bright. The stripe pattern is very effective, and it can be seen from a distance.
4. The black of the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the Red Devils is the main asset of the squad. He can stop the ball with his head, and this is very important for the team’s game.
5. The white of the striker. The striker of the United is able not only to score goals, but to create an effective attack.
6. The blue of the midfielder. The midfielder of the current team is able in addition to scoring goals to create effective attacks.
7. The orange of the defender. The defender of the Old Trafford is able, in addition, to stop the opponent’ goals.
8. The bright yellow of players. This color is very striking, and can be used in the club’ new kits.
You can see all the new items of the line of Manchester United in the official website of the sports statistics. Here you can find the information about the game of the teams, as well as the latest news from the world of the clubs.
Main favorites of the season
The main favorites of this season are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United.
All the teams have a good squad, which allows them to perform well in the international arena. The Premier League is the most popular championship of the world, and there are a lot of matches in it. The English championship is also the most important in the European arena, because the teams from the country have a chance to win the title.

The Manchester United team is very interesting, because it has a great lineup. The leaders of the national team are able not to be replaced, and they can decide the fate of the match. The squad of the red devils is very strong, and all the leaders are able in the field.
Of course, the main favorite of the championship is the team of Manchester City. The Citizens have a great squad, and many of them are able at the same time to score and to create the attack. The City has a number of players who can be called leaders of their teams.
New season of the Champions League
The season of Champions League has begun, and several teams are trying to win it. Among the favorites of it are: Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, and Liverpool. The Champions League is a tournament for the best teams from all over the world that play in the Champions league. The teams that are able, at the end of the tournament, to get into the top-4 are considered the main favorites.
In the current season, the Champions are also the main contenders for the victory. The following teams are the favorites:
1) Barcelona;
2) Bayern;
3) Juventus;
4) Liverpool.
Barcelona has a very good lineup. Among its leaders are Lionel Messi, Suarez, Busquets, Rakitic, and others. The Barcelona team is a real threat to the teams that want to enter the Champions Cup.
Juventus is also a main contender for the Champions title. The Turin team has the best lineup of all the teams. Among their leaders are: Ronaldo, Modric, Pogba, and so on. The current season of Juventus is very successful, because they managed to win all the tournaments they entered.
Liverpool is another team that is considered a real favorite of this tournament. The Liverpool team is the best in the Premier League, and its lineup is very good. Among all the players of Liverpool, there are many leaders, who can decide a match.
Another team that can be considered a main favorite is Bayern. The Munich team is also able to win gold medals, but the team has many leaders. Among them are: Lewandowski, Lewandowski and Schweinsteiger, and more.
Next season, we can expect many interesting matches, and we will see which teams will be able to enter into the Champions’ League.
Latest results of the English Premier League
In this season, there is a lot to see in the English championship. The top 4 are: Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal. The last season, Liverpool won the title, and now the team is considered the best one in the country.

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