Thanks for visiting and for concerning yourself enough to click to find out about us.  We launched Thanksgiving Day 2009 with little fanfare, but lots of turkey.  This blog is a general interest blog, a bit of a rarity in the Bloguin universe.  The network caters primarily to sporting pursuits, which will also be the focus of my writing.  In particular baseball.  But beyond the narrow focus on the greatest game, there will be time set aside for current events and other aspects of life I find interesting.

You can find me a few other places in the Blogosphere.  I'm the transaction writer for Maury Brown's Biz of Baseball website.  I also edit Bloguin's Olympic Hockey Blog.  Occasionally I'll pop up in the comment threads of the blogs I read as well.  I used to have a Twitter account, but didn't quite get the point, so away it went.  The blog has a Facebook fanpage, so if you're on Facebook, feel free to become a fan.

The blog's philosophy is based on questioning accepted wisdom.  I am more libertarian than anything, but lean right on a conventional political spectrum.  I'm for free speech without exception.  I regard the state as perpetually opposed to the individual.  Politicians are crooks and liars more interested in feathering their own nests than in the public good.  Baseball doesn't need a salary cap.  Football needs guaranteed contracts.  Media types are incurious and prone to accept the known without scrutiny.  I hope that the drivel I publish here makes you think about your own assumptions as I think about mine.

My blogroll is fairly expansive.  I try to read from a lot of sources, including people I know I disagree with.  Intellectual rigor is useful.  The headings are for my amusement so here are the jokes.  The top links were originally going to be called "Sports" rather unimaginatively, until I realized they were all baseball links.  Hence the "Games Peoples (called Baseball players) Play"  The clowns on the left, jokers on the right should be familiar enough.  If not, I can arrange for Mr. Blond to blast K-Billy's super sounds of the seventies weekend for you.  It of course refers to the monodimensional political spectrum, where conservatives are on the right and progressives stake out the left.  The penny pinching money grubbers are the econ/business bloggers I read.  Nekulturny refers to the anglicized Russian word for uncultured to refer to the blogs I deem to be more culture centric.  There's plenty of overlap.  The candidates for the witness protection program are people either I or Mrs. Tetreault-Vision have known or worked with through the years.  I'll be adding to the rolls as time allows.

The clip file is an RSS feed of items I've shared from my google reader account.  I'm hoping to discover a means of integrating the content as a standalone page on the site someday.  They are pieces I find interesting and don't have the time to blog about.  So into the clip file they go.

Enjoy the blog.  Feel free to click through to Amazon from the ad or from any text links, if you're looking to make a purchase.  Buying after clicking my link helps to pay for the infrastructure of the blog.  I use that in lieu of a tip jar.  While this is largely an amateur activity, I'm hoping it can grow into more.  Thanks again for visiting.  See you again soon.  And don't forget to hit the contact page or leave a comment if you want to say hello.